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Sprite and Midget Past and Present by Terry Horler
Terry Horler is an acknowledged expert on Sprites and Midgets
with a comprehensive knowledge of the history of these compact
and entertaining sports cars.
Sprite and Midget, Past and Present is a 96 page soft
cover volume which provides a clear overview of the evolution of
the Spridget range from the ground breaking Austin Healey Sprite
to the last of the line 1500 MG Midget. The book is illustrated with
an extensive collection of high quality detailed colour photographs
to reflect the changes in design and specification of the various
This book provides an ideal guide for anyone contemplating the
purchase of an MG Midget or an Austin Healey Sprite and one
chapter is devoted to providing advice about what to look for and
the pleasures and pitfalls of buying a classic Spridget. In particular
Terry recommends careful research, making a thorough examination
of prospective purchases and the importance of appreciating the
costs and complexities of restoration.
The Spridget range provided affordable sports car motoring and
created a new market among young aspiring drivers, perhaps
nowadays as they have become classics, the cars are more likely to
appeal to a more mature owner but they remain a very practical
option for those who want to enjoy maximum classic driving fun
for a modest outlay.

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